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Canada Day 1

Canada Day 1

Canada Day 1 | Downtown Cambridge

Today was spent with going to work. One nice thing though is that I work 9-6. It’s a relaxing time to get to the office, and there is no traffic. The two guys I tagged out left today to go back to the States so for Friday and Saturday I am alone (my counter-part comes in on Sunday). Not really sure what I’ll do with my time, but I’m sure I’ll find something to do.


It’s weird, even though I can expense my lunch, and I’m entitled to USD$50 per day in food, I didn’t feel like leaving the office. I suppose it’s because I get that hour of overtime. Maybe I’ll just have a big dinner instead. I forgot to get a receipt for breakfast this morning, a mistake I hope doesn’t happen often.


I’m debating trying a pizza place around here for dinner, it seems there are a great many of them.


What I learned today:

  • Cambridge has a good Ocktoberfest that apparently everyone says I should go to.
  • I need to get a credit card that ISN’T Discover

IT Security – New Employment

IT Security | Goldfish jumping between bowls

So I changed jobs again. I left the casino and instead found a job in Denver doing IT security. I will admit that it is challenging. It’s heavily Linux-based. It is something I just haven’t messed with much. It is in the Denver Tech center. I admit that I don’t like being the new guy all the time, but I suppose that is my fault. This job will be a good change though. It may be my final career. Here’s hoping. One advantage is that I have a friend down there, so I may have someone to go to lunch with so that will be nice.


Still, having been at it for a few weeks now. This isn’t a cakewalk. It’s tough. But I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Man actual work is hard.


I suppose I’ve been spoiled for the last few years. Actually having to do work makes me tired. So tired that I don’t really want to play games when I get home (which is different). I actually passed off guild leadership the other night. I still plan on playing occasionally, but not nearly as much.

Still, there is nothing wrong with IT work being challenging. Otter’s buildings are so spread out that doing a service call requires a lot of walking. Still, I hope this pans out to a more permanent job.

So long 2012

2012-2013-2It has been an interesting year for sure. Lots of changes in life. Lots of new friends crawling out of the woodwork, putting some good friends sadly to rest. Loss of a job yet new vistas opening up before me and some promising prospects in sight for 2013. Relationships ending, but new people entering my life. Acquaintances choosing to become a larger part of my life and become inner circle friends. All in all, a very good year if taken as a whole.

We shall see if this trend continues into 2013. I sure hope so!


Now for those of you who don’t know the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne

Snow! Whee!

Ah snow! What a wonderful day. The drive wasn’t too bad. It’s a rather good view from my office window.