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My Top 10 Favorite Video Games

Top 10 favorite video games
Top 10 Favorite Video Games

I’m not saying this list is final or complete by any means. However in 31 years, I’ve played a lot of games. Some have come and gone. Others have persisted. This is a list of the latter or some of the games that have been so good that sequels have been spawned.

This list covers multiple consoles as well as PC gaming.

Excluded from this list (and none of them would have made the list anyways) are iOS games. Most of these are short-term titles (IE: Clash of Clans).

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My top 10 favorite films of all time

This close to movie awards season, I thought I would look at my top 10 Movies and why I like them so much. These movies can be spanning any genre. If possible, I will provide at the very least the movie poster and an IMDB link. If available I will also post trailers the movie (linked from YouTube, assuming they haven’t been removed). So let’s get into it:





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