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Moving to Denver


So¬†I spent some of this weekend touring possible apartments in Denver. While I do work in Fort Collins, all of my friends are in Denver (with a few exceptions). Me actually moving to Denver doesn’t mean that anything changes except for my daily commute (which will be twice as long ( 30 mins -> 1 hour)). Truthfully, it will be nice not to have to drive home on the weekends.


Regardless of all that, we went and looked at apartments. My major concern is the cost. It is true that we can afford some of these places with ease, but it still seems like quite a bit to drop per month. Perhaps I am just spoiled by when I lived in Cheyenne. Up there, my two bedroom cost me 670 a month. Admittedly, that was difficult on EchoStar’s salary but it was doable. The place that we are looking at will be around 1,330 a month which for Denver is fair. Still, it will put a massive expense in the budget, not to mention utilities and such.


Again, all this is completely doable so I’m not that worried about it, it is just a change. However, it will be nice to get a space and go to Denver. A number of my friends have expressed a desire to spend time with me but are unable to do so because I am an hour away. This should remedy that.


Here is hoping this all goes well. We think we’ve found one but we are going to look at another floor plan in the same complex on Sunday.


Well, I signed the lease papers yesterday. So I guess I am moving in with Amanda. Admittedly, I am a bit¬†apprehensive, though I equate most of it to simple moving jitters. I have to be a responsible adult again and actually pay bills and such. Also, the apartment is in Northglenn, so it is close to Denver, but it adds about 20 minutes each way to my commute. Still though, for the location and the space (2 bedrooms) it isn’t a bad deal ($899 per month). It isn’t the biggest space in the world, but it will do fine. All the utilities are hooked up so all that is left is actually doing the moving. I plan on taking a small box down this weekend (assuming we have keys) and leaving it there.