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31 years of age



Another year, another time for recap.

First and foremost, I found a very good job. It pays well and challenges my skill set somewhat. My co-workers are also very nice to work with. Admittedly it was a bit unnerving at first when people got laid off within a few weeks of me coming on, and then again when we were acquired by another company. However, I made it so far through the changes and it would be difficult for them to cut any deeper.


By June/July, I’ll be moving to Denver. I’ll be moving in w/ my GF of a year and it seems like it’s the time. Plus I’m in Denver most of the time anyways. The misgivings I mentioned in this post have been alleviated. Now it just a matter of when I move. It will be sometime in June


School goes.


I’ve lost some drive but I’ve found that taking a break for a few months restores it. I want to get it done and while I don’t expect to enjoy it, it shouldn’t be a chore like it is. I return in the fall and if the pattern holds, I’ll do two more groups of two classes and then want another break. In the end though, I only get charged when I take classes so I can do this at whatever pace I want.


As for health, I think I’m ok. Admittedly, my drive to be active just isn’t there. I want to play DDR more but I just don’t have the energy or lungs that I used to. I’m going to play at laser tag nationals in the fall so I need to at least get my sprinting up or I’ll be unable to compete. Hopefully, when I move to Denver, I’ll be able to run in the park near her apartment.


Honestly there isn’t a whole lot to report. But I’m here.


Gainfully employed


I finally got a job, doing IT at the pay rate that I wanted. In the end, putting my foot down was one of the best things I could do. I had several offers, but all of them refused to pay me what I feel IT work is worth. Since posts like this have bit me in the butt before *cough Global Scholar/Excelsior Software* I won’t say much about it. It is at Center Partners in Fort Collins. But overall it is a great place to work. They are challenging and I’m given just as much responsibility as anyone else.


In addition, I’m the Apple guy, responsible for all of the Executive’s Macs.

So long 2012

2012-2013-2It has been an interesting year for sure. Lots of changes in life. Lots of new friends crawling out of the woodwork, putting some good friends sadly to rest. Loss of a job yet new vistas opening up before me and some promising prospects in sight for 2013. Relationships ending, but new people entering my life. Acquaintances choosing to become a larger part of my life and become inner circle friends. All in all, a very good year if taken as a whole.

We shall see if this trend continues into 2013. I sure hope so!


Now for those of you who don’t know the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne

Otterbox interview


Well, today I had a very good interview. I interviewed at Otterbox. Their office was very interesting. Very different from any offices I’ve interviewed at around here. I think the interview went well. They are looking for an IT person for internal white glove IT support. Right up my alley with my departure from Volt aka HP aka VoodooPC. I’m very excited and should hear back from them this week.


On a side note, I filed for unemployment last week on Friday. However, today I got 5 letters from our state government. Such inefficiency.

Here were the letters:

  1. Note that I should apply for Pell grants
  2. Confirmation letter that I had to sign and send back
  3. PIN for applying
  4. Reminder to apply every two weeks
  5. Confirmation of my wages earned

While the pin should be sent separately, the rest could have been combined to save postage. Oh well. I guess the letters got here so that is what matters.

Alternative employment

super+fast+computers+of+the+future[1]So my current job is going to end. Therefore, I am back on the hunt for another job. As such, I’ve been considering jobs that I would never consider normally. I’ve considered administrative assistant positions, bank teller and others. I’ve even considered the Geek Squad (though this is more in line with my usual work). Do I really want to be doing computers the rest of my life?


I suppose so. Computers are needed everywhere and, except in an Amish community, they are the future.