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April Fools Day 2015 Prank

 April Fools Day 2015

April Fools Day 2015

As I do every year, I did an April fools day prank. Some years my pranks are more widespread. For this April Fools Day 2015, it was a bit more targeted at one person. However, I’ll post the article here so you can enjoy it.


She was expecting me to do something, so I simply stopped mentioning it. Then her friends all sent it to her. I went quiet and didn’t say anything all day.

Once it actually happens (I wrote this post 3/31/15), I’ll post reactions.

Reactions: I think she bought it at first. I made sure people messaging her were from different social groups and didn’t know each other. I’m sure there was some credibility at first, but in the end she didn’t believe it. Oh well.. it was fun. Boy do I love April Fools Day. I’m already planning my prank for next year. *evil grin*

April Fools 2015 | Evil Grin

Valentine’s Day 2015

valentines-heart[1]I admit that I haven’t really celebrated Valentine’s in a while. Most of the people I’ve dated simply didn’t care for it all that much. Don’t get me wrong. I still gave them presents and all, but that was about it. However, my current Girlfriend hasn’t had someone to do Valentine’s with in a while. I’m glad that I can shower her with affection on this most romantic of days. I’ve gotten reservations, I’ve done the gifts and I have a whole night planned. I really hope she likes it. I really do care about her a great deal.


I’ll do an aftermath post when Valentine’s is over.