Canada Day 2

Canada Day 2

Canada Day 2 | The Museum

Today I decided to go and visit a museum. There are of course a lot to choose from, but I decided on one simply called “The Museum“. Seemed like quite the claim. Indeed it was a museum. It was enjoyable, though it really didn’t have a focus. Level 1 and 2 were geared toward children and featured interactive exhibits such as plasma balls and such. Level 3 had dinosaurs. Level 4 had an art exhibit. Of particular interest was a movie that was playing on loop about two radio DJs whose station was shutting down, so they asked the audience to bring in music for them to play. This shady guy shows up and gives them a record that anyone who hears it becomes violent and almost zombie like. I admit was was interesting.


What I learned today:

  • “new” signs – I’ve seen these around the road. They indicate where new street lights and such have been put in. Interesting to say the least

Canada Day 1

Canada Day 1

Canada Day 1 | Downtown Cambridge

Today was spent with going to work. One nice thing though is that I work 9-6. It’s a relaxing time to get to the office, and there is no traffic. The two guys I tagged out left today to go back to the States so for Friday and Saturday I am alone (my counter-part comes in on Sunday). Not really sure what I’ll do with my time, but I’m sure I’ll find something to do.


It’s weird, even though I can expense my lunch, and I’m entitled to USD$50 per day in food, I didn’t feel like leaving the office. I suppose it’s because I get that hour of overtime. Maybe I’ll just have a big dinner instead. I forgot to get a receipt for breakfast this morning, a mistake I hope doesn’t happen often.


I’m debating trying a pizza place around here for dinner, it seems there are a great many of them.


What I learned today:

  • Cambridge has a good Ocktoberfest that apparently everyone says I should go to.
  • I need to get a credit card that ISN’T Discover

Canada Day 0

Canada Day 0 | Canadian Flag

So today I begin my 45 days in Canada. I shall call it Canada Day 0 because I just flew in today, Needless to say I was nervous. I don’t like leaving my comfort zone and going to a foreign place really by myself was a bit terrifying.


On a side note, the great lakes really are big. It was interesting to fly over them.


Had a few minor hiccups at the airport with customs, and again with the rental car, and again with the hotel. However, all of that is taken care of now. I met my co-workers at a restaurant in Kitchener called Lancaster Smokehouse. (menu)

It wasn’t bad. Admittedly, it has nothing on Nonmacher’s, but it was good for the price.


Went back to the hotel since I went to the restaurant from the airport, and just crashed.


What I learned today:

  • They use chip and pin a lot here
  • No pennies

Ignite Denver 20

Ignite Denver 20 | Ignite Denver Logo

So they posted my Ignite Denver 20 video. If this link breaks I’ll be sure to update it. Hope you enjoy it.

There were some staunch differences between Denver and Fort Collins. One thing that I am still undecided on, although it helped, is the two run throughs before the event. I think I did pretty good up in Fort Collins without the run throughs, but I do admit that in this case, it helped the overall presentation. I suppose that in the case of Fort Collins, I ended up practicing it more because there wasn’t a mandatory run through, where as with Ignite Denver I simply threw something together and worked it out in front of the group.

Here is my Ignite Fort Collins talk:

What do you think?

Ignite Denver 20 preparations

Ignite Denver 20 | Ignite Denver Logo

So tonight are my Ignite Denver 20 preparations. I am getting ready to give my talk. It starts at 7PM and lasts until the late evening. My talk tonight will be on things you can do before calling a computer tech.


If you are interested in tickets, they can be purchased here:

Ignite Denver 20 preparations | TicketBuy Tickets


Otherwise, I hope to see some of you there. There are a lot of great talks tonight. Here is the list: (subject to change)

Kerstin Caldwell – You Really Are Fucking Brilliant
Jacob Anderson – The 10 things every computer repair person wish you tried/knew
Ravi Raman – Why You Should Quit Your Job To Travel The World
Elizabeth Boese – You Love What You Find Time For
Joanne Burke Peterson – Destination: Procrastination
Meridith Grundei – Don’t just sit there…go out and fucking PLAY!
Gabriel DiCristofaro – Lizard Brains and Black Marbles
Shelsea Ochoa – Toolkit for a New Paradigm
Helene Kwong – Ni Hao, Hot Dog Vendor!

I know that some of the above are no longer being given due to the presenters backing out, but I’d say most are still a go.


Regardless it should be a fun evening. I’ll post a YouTube link when they post it. I’ll let you know how it goes. Now, I’d better get back to practicing!


Hired by Trustwave

Trustwave | Trustwave logo

So yeah, I got hired by my company. I’ll admit that Trustwave is difficult. It isn’t something I was used to. However, I think I am starting to get the hang of it. Actually, I’m starting to enjoy it. Aside from a few products and a few major issues on some of our products, I think I understand it. Good pay and benefits make this a great place to work. Most of the people I work with are very relaxed as well. There is very little drama here.

I’ll stick with this one for a while and see what comes of it. Either way, I think it will be an enjoyable experience and one that I will learn from. When I graduate from CSU global, that may improve my career field as well.

April Fools Day 2015 Prank

 April Fools Day 2015

April Fools Day 2015

As I do every year, I did an April fools day prank. Some years my pranks are more widespread. For this April Fools Day 2015, it was a bit more targeted at one person. However, I’ll post the article here so you can enjoy it.

She was expecting me to do something, so I simply stopped mentioning it. Then her friends all sent it to her. I went quiet and didn’t say anything all day.

Once it actually happens (I wrote this post 3/31/15), I’ll post reactions.

Reactions: I think she bought it at first. I made sure people messaging her were from different social groups and didn’t know each other. I’m sure there was some credibility at first, but in the end she didn’t believe it. Oh well.. it was fun. Boy do I love April Fools Day. I’m already planning my prank for next year. *evil grin*

April Fools 2015 | Evil Grin

Weekend with the family, but not mine.

Meet the parents

So this weekend was the weekend to meet the parents.

Julia graduated this weekend from Nursing school and her parents flew in for the occasion. As a bonus, Julia was throwing a party to celebrate and I invited my parents to the event. Therefore, I got to meet the parents and they got to meet each other as well all in the course of a weekend.

Overall, I think the weekend went well. We took them on a tour of Estes Park, took them to Casa Bonita (prepares for Coloradans to mock him) and generally had a very good time of it. Her parents are very nice. Her brother is about as much of a geek as I am. I look forward to many more such meetings in the future. Julia has a nice family.

There was talk of going out there in August (or was it October?) and I’d be happy to go to a state I’ve never been to.

IT Security – New Employment

IT Security | Goldfish jumping between bowls

So I changed jobs again. I left the casino and instead found a job in Denver doing IT security. I will admit that it is challenging. It’s heavily Linux-based. It is something I just haven’t messed with much. It is in the Denver Tech center. I admit that I don’t like being the new guy all the time, but I suppose that is my fault. This job will be a good change though. It may be my final career. Here’s hoping. One advantage is that I have a friend down there, so I may have someone to go to lunch with so that will be nice.


Still, having been at it for a few weeks now. This isn’t a cakewalk. It’s tough. But I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Valentine’s Day 2015

valentines-heart[1]I admit that I haven’t really celebrated Valentine’s in a while. Most of the people I’ve dated simply didn’t care for it all that much. Don’t get me wrong. I still gave them presents and all, but that was about it. However, my current Girlfriend hasn’t had someone to do Valentine’s with in a while. I’m glad that I can shower her with affection on this most romantic of days. I’ve gotten reservations, I’ve done the gifts and I have a whole night planned. I really hope she likes it. I really do care about her a great deal.


I’ll do an aftermath post when Valentine’s is over.