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Ignite Denver 20

Ignite Denver 20 | Ignite Denver Logo

So they posted my Ignite Denver 20 video. If this link breaks I’ll be sure to update it. Hope you enjoy it.

There were some staunch differences between Denver and Fort Collins. One thing that I am still undecided on, although it helped, is the two run throughs before the event. I think I did pretty good up in Fort Collins without the run throughs, but I do admit that in this case, it helped the overall presentation. I suppose that in the case of Fort Collins, I ended up practicing it more because there wasn’t a mandatory run through, where as with Ignite Denver I simply threw something together and worked it out in front of the group.

Here is my Ignite Fort Collins talk:

What do you think?

IT Security – New Employment

IT Security | Goldfish jumping between bowls

So I changed jobs again. I left the casino and instead found a job in Denver doing IT security. I will admit that it is challenging. It’s heavily Linux-based. It is something I just haven’t messed with much. It is in the Denver Tech center. I admit that I don’t like being the new guy all the time, but I suppose that is my fault. This job will be a good change though. It may be my final career. Here’s hoping. One advantage is that I have a friend down there, so I may have someone to go to lunch with so that will be nice.


Still, having been at it for a few weeks now. This isn’t a cakewalk. It’s tough. But I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Ignite Fort Collins Presentation


At last, I can show you the YouTube video of me speaking at Ignite Fort Collins

Link to the Powerpoint presentation

Gainfully employed


I finally got a job, doing IT at the pay rate that I wanted. In the end, putting my foot down was one of the best things I could do. I had several offers, but all of them refused to pay me what I feel IT work is worth. Since posts like this have bit me in the butt before *cough Global Scholar/Excelsior Software* I won’t say much about it. It is at Center Partners in Fort Collins. But overall it is a great place to work. They are challenging and I’m given just as much responsibility as anyone else.


In addition, I’m the Apple guy, responsible for all of the Executive’s Macs.

What holodecks would mean for humanity


Holodecks: An invention of Star Trek capable of transporting you anywhere you want to be.

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The event is coming soon. Have a few friends signed up to go as well. Should be a fun time


If you do wish to join us, we are sitting in Row I as in indigo

Got my laptop back




Just got my laptop back from repair. Though I’m not surprised, they sent me a new one of the same model. I wasn’t expecting that given their refusal over the phone to do so. However, I am happy with this outcome. It’s so pristine. I am going to be much more ginger with it now. However, they did wipe my drives (they did ask first) and put windows 7 back on it. I will work with it more and get it back to my exacting requirements.


I’m sure my guildies are eager to get me back.

Pebble watch!


Well, after waiting for nearly a year, I finally got my pebble watch yesterday. I’ve been playing with it and have a few issues with it, but most of them are due to apple restrictions. I’ve installed a few tweaks to take care of them and hopefully it works well. Still, I’m very happy to finally be able to use it. It’s weird having my wrist buzz when i get a text but it should mean I don’t miss a message on accident.

Bitcoin mining

Well, I’ve started bitcoin mining. This is going to be interesting. I’ve started running some dual GPU miners and multi CPU miners on some of my machines. I’ve almost got 1 bit coin. Bit coins are currently trading at 1 for US$250. While I expect the price to fall again, I can just wait and see if it goes back up but keep mining in the interim. I don’t expect to be a millionaire or anything, but this is an interesting experiment. I’m doing pooled mining so it isn’t a lucrative as solo mining, but it does allow for more coins gained overall.