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So, what has been up?

Honestly. my muse hasn’t been inspiring me lately. To recap, lately, I’ve eaten with friends at the melting pot, attended board game nights, and opened a few new websites. My latest website is JacobAnderson.Me which is a kind of hub for people looking to find me. I really need to get back into my photography though. I’ve neglected it. I also suspect my girlfriend might be getting bored with me, but that is just a feeling

New Lens

Completed my Lens collection with Canon – 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Zoom Lens. So now I have a super short, a short to medium and a medium to long. Doubt I’ll need any longer of lenses for what I usually shoot.

Snow! Whee!

Ah snow! What a wonderful day. The drive wasn’t too bad. It’s a rather good view from my office window.

Photo blog

Today, and most of the weekend for that matter, I spent working on my photo blog. Nothing anyone would notice right away, most of it is back-end. Basically, I can do posts and they show up in the proper place on Facebook as well as various anti-spam and SEO optimizations. Anyways, let’s give this a try

Note: the link above is the only way to get there, there are no public links yet.
Working on that

New flash

I managed to find a very good $800 flash for less than $200. I’ve been playing with it and am very impressed with the results. No more washed out albino pictures. Sadly, the hardest thing to do was to actually take a picture of the camera. Had to borrow a camera to take a picture of a camera.