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Ignite Fort Collins Presentation


At last, I can show you the YouTube video of me speaking at Ignite Fort Collins

Link to the Powerpoint presentation

My Top 10 Favorite Video Games

Top 10 favorite video games
Top 10 Favorite Video Games

I’m not saying this list is final or complete by any means. However in 31 years, I’ve played a lot of games. Some have come and gone. Others have persisted. This is a list of the latter or some of the games that have been so good that sequels have been spawned.

This list covers multiple consoles as well as PC gaming.

Excluded from this list (and none of them would have made the list anyways) are iOS games. Most of these are short-term titles (IE: Clash of Clans).

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Home stretch



Only a few days now. Any of my NoCo friends (or anyone that wants to make the drive) if you’d like to come, tickets can be purchased at link below:


It all goes down Friday at 7pm. Hope to see some of you there. It is always a good time. I’ve finished my presentation. I’ve been practicing it over and over again. I’m ready to go. LET’S DO THIS!


For those that can’t make it, I’ll be sure to post the YouTube video when it goes live in a few weeks.

What holodecks would mean for humanity


Holodecks: An invention of Star Trek capable of transporting you anywhere you want to be.

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Laser Tag Zombies



Well, another Wednesday down. Had a few games of laser tag tonight. Did a few regular games as well as one zombie game. It was a lot of fun. I did manage to stay alive during the zombie game and was always the best player in every game.


On a side note: LEVEL 6! Laser master! True it’s my second time getting there, but it’s still an accomplishment.

My activity stats for the night:




The event is coming soon. Have a few friends signed up to go as well. Should be a fun time


If you do wish to join us, we are sitting in Row I as in indigo

Man actual work is hard.


I suppose I’ve been spoiled for the last few years. Actually having to do work makes me tired. So tired that I don’t really want to play games when I get home (which is different). I actually passed off guild leadership the other night. I still plan on playing occasionally, but not nearly as much.

Still, there is nothing wrong with IT work being challenging. Otter’s buildings are so spread out that doing a service call requires a lot of walking. Still, I hope this pans out to a more permanent job.

Laser Storm Nats (Pre-Tourney Recap)

We arrived toward the late afternoon Thursday. The arena is… interesting. The pod lanes are near impossible to get in, which I suppose is the point. Last night, after all was said and done, they changed the arena, so it will be interesting to see what they changed it to. Today starts the seed tourney. The issue we have is that we are down two players and I’m told we will be DQed every game until we get a full team. We have one player that is coming tonight, and the other two (we got 6 players just in case someone didn’t show) we haven’t heard hide or hair from. We shall see. I may have to get someone local to join us just as a body. Worst case, I can get some shots in the arena (though not during games).

Laser Storm Nationals

This weekend is Laser Storm Nationals. It has been a while since I have competed, but it should be fun. Colorado Springs here I come


Event on Facebook:

The Teams:

So, what has been up?

Honestly. my muse hasn’t been inspiring me lately. To recap, lately, I’ve eaten with friends at the melting pot, attended board game nights, and opened a few new websites. My latest website is JacobAnderson.Me¬†which is a kind of hub for people looking to find me. I really need to get back into my photography though. I’ve neglected it. I also suspect my girlfriend might be getting bored with me, but that is just a feeling