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Canada Days 43-49

Canada Days 43-49

So this week, I had John in town. We ended up going out to dinner a lot more than I did with the previous person. This weekend, we went to the Toronto Zoo.

Canada Days 43-49 | Toronto Zoo

Canada Days 43-49 | Toronto Zoo Canada Days 43-49 | Toronto Zoo Canada Days 43-49 | Toronto Zoo Canada Days 43-49 | Toronto Zoo Canada Days 43-49 | Toronto Zoo Canada Days 43-49 | Toronto Zoo Canada Days 43-49 | Toronto Zoo Canada Days 43-49 | Toronto Zoo Canada Days 43-49 | Toronto Zoo Canada Days 43-49 | Toronto Zoo Canada Days 43-49 | Toronto Zoo Canada Days 43-49 | Toronto Zoo Canada Days 43-49 | Toronto Zoo Canada Days 43-49 | Toronto Zoo


We also tried to go to a laser tag place, but we unable to get in. Guess they don’t want us decimating the children. We did end up playing in Cambridge, but I don’t think John really enjoyed himself. I didn’t exactly go easy on him.


Sunday, we went to a Casino as John hadn’t been in a while, much less while he was up here. I didn’t do well, but I never expect to. He actually made a little money, but nothing to quit your job over.


Only a few days left. For some reason, I thought that an 8am flight would be a good idea. That means I need to be at the airport 3 hours prior, which means 5am, plus one hour for the drive, so that means leaving at 4am. So get up at 3am, check out of the hotel and head to Toronto. Still it will be nice to be home.


When I get home there will be a new set of challenges, but I’ll deal with those when I get there. So to everyone that has missed me for these 50+ days, I’m coming back!


I understand that today (Wednesday) it snowed in Denver (though looking at the cameras it seems to have melted). Funny that there is no snow up here, but I suppose we are close to a body of water which might act like a thermal storage device.

Canada Days 28-43

Canada Days 28-43

It’s been tough to keep at this (I want to be in the moment and somehow stopping to take pictures detracts from that), but rest assured I do have things I did. So here are some of the things I’ve done in these 20 days


Niagara Falls

niagra2 niagra1 [KGVID][/KGVID]


Hockey rink in a shopping mall (go figure)

Canada Days 28-43 2015-10-24 12.16.42 Canada Days 28-43

Ontario Science Center

Ontario Science Center Canada Days 28-43

Air Combat Zone (F-18 Fighter Jet Simulators)

Air Combat Zone Canada Days 28-43 Air Combat Zone Canada Days 28-43

Royal Ontario Museum

Museum Canada Days 28-43 Museum Canada Days 28-43 Museum

Side note: Subway in Canada has Cheddar Cheese Slices! (Why not in the United States?)

Subway Canada Days 28-43 Subway Canada Days 28-43


There are also some things I’ve done that I didn’t take photos for

  • Visited Eaton Mall
  • Played games at palladium (big arcade)
  • Various restaurants
  • Played at Casinos

It has been a memorable experience. I will be returning home on the 13th of November. It will be nice to be home (though I’ll admit it will be harder since I can’t expense everything). Still, I look forward to returning to the USA. It has been a memorable time. I’ll admit that aside from a handful of things, very little is different from here to the United States overall. It feels a little like Fort Collins to be honest. However, it was a pleasure meeting people and generally enjoying an area that I would not normally get to go to, much less on the company dime. There may be other opportunities in the future to go to other places across Europe and Asia. Maybe these will come to pass.

Canada Day 11-27

Canada Day 11-27

It has been a long few days. I’ve gone and done a few things for fun. One thing we (my co-worker and I) have done is visit the Royal Ontario Museum. It was a little like a jack of all trade museum. They had various sections, from life to ancient Canada to geology. I found this million dollar loonie coin interesting:

Canada Day 11-27 | Million Dollar Coin Canada Day 11-27 | CoinCanada Day 11-27 | Coin


One interesting thing I saw was that Subway up here actually has Cheddar. Needless to say, if you know me, you know that makes me very happy.

Canada Day 11-27 | Subway Canada Day 11-27 | Subway

This Friday, I am taking my co-worker home, and I think I’ll go visit Niagara falls. The weekend before, we ran into an issue with Canadian Thanksgiving. I had to work on the day that I would normally venture out. But that shouldn’t be an issue from now on. Some of the other things I might do is an fighter jet simulator, Legoland, and a haunted house. I did visit a cheese store as well. It was the first time I found sharp cheddar up here. Admittedly, it’s 30 minutes away, but it is good. We also went to a casino, and I doubled my money. $200 CAD turned into $410 CAD. Whee!

Canada Day 9

Canada Day 9

Canada Day 9 | Laser Quest

Today, since my Co-Worker works on Saturdays, I decided to do some things that most people don’t enjoy as much as I do. I was planning on hitting Laser Quest and then a Laser Runner, but I realized two things:

  1. I didn’t bring my emergency inhaler
  2. I’m not as spry as I used to be

Needless to say, after 2 games I was having trouble breathing and figured I’d better stop. When I do go to Laser Runner, I’ll take it easy and just be tactical instead of physical. Had lunch at a nice German place and generally just bummed around for the day until it was time to pick Robert up.

Canada Day 3

Canada Day 3

Canada Day 3 | AGO

Today is the day that I pick up my Co-Worker. Yay, no longer “alone” here. I decided that rather than drive up there and then drive back, I’d go to Toronto and just goof off. Went to the Art Gallery of Ontario, it was interesting. The basement had model ships. The remaining floors had what you’d expect from an art gallery. I was excited about the photography wing, but it was all photos from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Still, the museum was interesting. Then it was time to pick Robert up from the airport.


What I learned today:

  • Toronto Airport has 2 arrival areas, good to know.
  • Baseball a big thing? I went downtown originally to see the aquarium and ran into a Toronto Blue Jays game that was jamming up the city. Apparently it’s not just hockey. I suppose the Rockies do the same thing.

Canada Day 2

Canada Day 2

Canada Day 2 | The Museum

Today I decided to go and visit a museum. There are of course a lot to choose from, but I decided on one simply called “The Museum“. Seemed like quite the claim. Indeed it was a museum. It was enjoyable, though it really didn’t have a focus. Level 1 and 2 were geared toward children and featured interactive exhibits such as plasma balls and such. Level 3 had dinosaurs. Level 4 had an art exhibit. Of particular interest was a movie that was playing on loop about two radio DJs whose station was shutting down, so they asked the audience to bring in music for them to play. This shady guy shows up and gives them a record that anyone who hears it becomes violent and almost zombie like. I admit was was interesting.


What I learned today:

  • “new” signs – I’ve seen these around the road. They indicate where new street lights and such have been put in. Interesting to say the least

Ignite Denver 20 preparations

Ignite Denver 20 | Ignite Denver Logo

So tonight are my Ignite Denver 20 preparations. I am getting ready to give my talk. It starts at 7PM and lasts until the late evening. My talk tonight will be on things you can do before calling a computer tech.


If you are interested in tickets, they can be purchased here:

Ignite Denver 20 preparations | TicketBuy Tickets


Otherwise, I hope to see some of you there. There are a lot of great talks tonight. Here is the list: (subject to change)

Kerstin Caldwell – You Really Are Fucking Brilliant
Jacob Anderson – The 10 things every computer repair person wish you tried/knew
Ravi Raman – Why You Should Quit Your Job To Travel The World
Elizabeth Boese – You Love What You Find Time For
Joanne Burke Peterson – Destination: Procrastination
Meridith Grundei – Don’t just sit there…go out and fucking PLAY!
Gabriel DiCristofaro – Lizard Brains and Black Marbles
Shelsea Ochoa – Toolkit for a New Paradigm
Helene Kwong – Ni Hao, Hot Dog Vendor!

I know that some of the above are no longer being given due to the presenters backing out, but I’d say most are still a go.


Regardless it should be a fun evening. I’ll post a YouTube link when they post it. I’ll let you know how it goes. Now, I’d better get back to practicing!


April Fools Day 2015 Prank

 April Fools Day 2015

April Fools Day 2015

As I do every year, I did an April fools day prank. Some years my pranks are more widespread. For this April Fools Day 2015, it was a bit more targeted at one person. However, I’ll post the article here so you can enjoy it.

She was expecting me to do something, so I simply stopped mentioning it. Then her friends all sent it to her. I went quiet and didn’t say anything all day.

Once it actually happens (I wrote this post 3/31/15), I’ll post reactions.

Reactions: I think she bought it at first. I made sure people messaging her were from different social groups and didn’t know each other. I’m sure there was some credibility at first, but in the end she didn’t believe it. Oh well.. it was fun. Boy do I love April Fools Day. I’m already planning my prank for next year. *evil grin*

April Fools 2015 | Evil Grin

Weekend with the family, but not mine.

Meet the parents

So this weekend was the weekend to meet the parents.

Julia graduated this weekend from Nursing school and her parents flew in for the occasion. As a bonus, Julia was throwing a party to celebrate and I invited my parents to the event. Therefore, I got to meet the parents and they got to meet each other as well all in the course of a weekend.

Overall, I think the weekend went well. We took them on a tour of Estes Park, took them to Casa Bonita (prepares for Coloradans to mock him) and generally had a very good time of it. Her parents are very nice. Her brother is about as much of a geek as I am. I look forward to many more such meetings in the future. Julia has a nice family.

There was talk of going out there in August (or was it October?) and I’d be happy to go to a state I’ve never been to.

Countdown to Celtic


The festival is coming. Cheyenne here I come. If anyone is interested, it is the 13th of June through the 15th at the depot plaza in Cheyenne. Nothing much happens until Friday night. There are things most of the day Saturday and in the morning/early afternoon Sunday. If you do go, please let me know, or come and talk to me. Come and enjoy beer and haggis. There are dancers, singers, bands, vendors and enough plaid kilts to… well….

Saturday afternoon I’ll (most likely) be doing the celtic dancers. Friday I’ll be there all day doing set up.

Update 6/5/14: It seems I may not be doing the dancers this year. I may actually be doing sound. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what my role will be.


[countdown event=”Celtic Festival 2014″ date=”13 June 2014″ hour=”9″ minutes=”30″]

(Clock it set to time when I need to be in the plaza. Actual event starts in the evening)

More information