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Ignite Denver 20 preparations

Ignite Denver 20 | Ignite Denver Logo

So tonight are my Ignite Denver 20 preparations. I am getting ready to give my talk. It starts at 7PM and lasts until the late evening. My talk tonight will be on things you can do before calling a computer tech.


If you are interested in tickets, they can be purchased here:

Ignite Denver 20 preparations | TicketBuy Tickets


Otherwise, I hope to see some of you there. There are a lot of great talks tonight. Here is the list: (subject to change)

Kerstin Caldwell – You Really Are Fucking Brilliant
Jacob Anderson – The 10 things every computer repair person wish you tried/knew
Ravi Raman – Why You Should Quit Your Job To Travel The World
Elizabeth Boese – You Love What You Find Time For
Joanne Burke Peterson – Destination: Procrastination
Meridith Grundei – Don’t just sit there…go out and fucking PLAY!
Gabriel DiCristofaro – Lizard Brains and Black Marbles
Shelsea Ochoa – Toolkit for a New Paradigm
Helene Kwong – Ni Hao, Hot Dog Vendor!

I know that some of the above are no longer being given due to the presenters backing out, but I’d say most are still a go.


Regardless it should be a fun evening. I’ll post a YouTube link when they post it. I’ll let you know how it goes. Now, I’d better get back to practicing!


Hired by Trustwave

Trustwave | Trustwave logo

So yeah, I got hired by my company. I’ll admit that Trustwave is difficult. It isn’t something I was used to. However, I think I am starting to get the hang of it. Actually, I’m starting to enjoy it. Aside from a few products and a few major issues on some of our products, I think I understand it. Good pay and benefits make this a great place to work. Most of the people I work with are very relaxed as well. There is very little drama here.

I’ll stick with this one for a while and see what comes of it. Either way, I think it will be an enjoyable experience and one that I will learn from. When I graduate from CSU global, that may improve my career field as well.