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Another 4 years.

Well, the elections are officially over. Honestly, I’m glad to be rid of them. Some of those political calls were very persistent. Perhaps in 2016 I’ll disconnect our land line. They called from 5 pm to 9 pm even though it is a matter of public record that my ENTIRE household had voted already. Two things really need to happen soon.

1. Electronic voting. I am shocked this hasn’t happened yet. Yes I know the possible dangers of backdoors hacking and general issues arising from corruption. However, perhaps we could outsource this to a neutral country, ideally one with nothing to gain from manipulating the election. Either that or have EXTREME oversight on the project by having multiple companies work on each element and open the source to the public.

2. Popular vote. While this year it didn’t apply, some years the president with the most votes doesn’t actually win the election. Some states have amended their constitution to give votes proportionally. This needs to be enacted across the board.

We’ll see how future elections are handled, but we should be able to do these within my lifetime.