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What’s new?

It seems that every weekend I’m running around like mad. I suppose that’s good. Last weekend was camping, this weekend, Ren fair and dinner theatre. Should make for a fun weekend. We’ll see how it pans out. It’s just been so hot lately. Maybe go see the Batman movie on Sunday when Amanda goes to her D&D group.

Laser Storm Nats (Pre-Tourney Recap)

We arrived toward the late afternoon Thursday. The arena is… interesting. The pod lanes are near impossible to get in, which I suppose is the point. Last night, after all was said and done, they changed the arena, so it will be interesting to see what they changed it to. Today starts the seed tourney. The issue we have is that we are down two players and I’m told we will be DQed every game until we get a full team. We have one player that is coming tonight, and the other two (we got 6 players just in case someone didn’t show) we haven’t heard hide or hair from. We shall see. I may have to get someone local to join us just as a body. Worst case, I can get some shots in the arena (though not during games).

Laser Storm Nationals

This weekend is Laser Storm Nationals. It has been a while since I have competed, but it should be fun. Colorado Springs here I come


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