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New posting schedule

I know I’ve been lax posting as of late. However, starting on Monday. I’ve got a schedule.

New posts WILL be posted on the following days:




Friday-Sunday: (this may or may not include new photos)



Holidays will be excluded. ToTS may be skipped if there is nothing new. Cons and such take precedence, however, odds are there will be a post about them on Towtblog on Monday.

Back from Cheyenne Celtic Festival

Boy was it hot this year. Friday wasn’t too bad at first, but it sure got hot quick. Saturday, I was under a tent all day but it was sure hot. Glad I had a camelbak filled with Gatorade. No sunburns though, so that is good. Got to meet my good buddy Brad. Sadly, couldn’t get to Marc this year. Here is to next year.

Summer fun


This summer is going to be a busy one. To date, the following is on my calendar:

  • Camping
  • Renaissance Festival (1 more time, maybe 2)
  • NDK (Anime convention)
  • Celtic Festival (This weekend actually)
  • Book of Mormon show
  • Dragon boat festival
  • Taste of Colorado

Every weekend seems to be booked. Well… that’s summer for you.