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Well, I signed the lease papers yesterday. So I guess I am moving in with Amanda. Admittedly, I am a bit apprehensive, though I equate most of it to simple moving jitters. I have to be a responsible adult again and actually pay bills and such. Also, the apartment is in Northglenn, so it is close to Denver, but it adds about 20 minutes each way to my commute. Still though, for the location and the space (2 bedrooms) it isn’t a bad deal ($899 per month). It isn’t the biggest space in the world, but it will do fine. All the utilities are hooked up so all that is left is actually doing the moving. I plan on taking a small box down this weekend (assuming we have keys) and leaving it there.

New theme

That old theme was driving me nuts. This new one is too, but a different kind of nuts. The main issues are the the feature images are either covered by a spinning wheel in the big list, and huge at the top of each individual post.

.Hack //Sign

So I finally decided to watch .Hack //Sign and later .Hack //Dusk and finally .hack //Quantum. It’s…. interesting so far. Different to say the least. The games one of my friends used to play kind of piqued my interest. It’s about a MMORPG that you kind of beam into. One player cannot log out and has superpowers in the world.

New Lens

Completed my Lens collection with Canon – 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Zoom Lens. So now I have a super short, a short to medium and a medium to long. Doubt I’ll need any longer of lenses for what I usually shoot.

Snow! Whee!

Ah snow! What a wonderful day. The drive wasn’t too bad. It’s a rather good view from my office window.